Body Casting by Sierra Rasberry

Ernest and myself have been working with models here in south Florida to create some really exceptional works of art. They are still under construction, but I wanted to share some of the process of how it works. 

Rasberry+Vasquez #AZTECHNOLOGY Halloween art show by Sierra Rasberry

For Halloween, Ernest and myself worked hard to put on a spectacular art show filled with ceramic sculpture, paintings, hand built pedestals, and TWO videos. The entire show was centered around the theme "Aztechnology"-- the idea was to combine aztech culture art pieces with advanced alien technology. The main pieces for the show were 5 ceramic sculpted skulls. Each skull had a corresponding sketch book filled with details of its origins and/or how it was 'discovered'. Ernest was in charge of all the sculpting while I did the finishes and gold-leaf gilding. During the art show, Ernest was dressed the the "aztechnologist", outfitted with a flash light and head lamp to illuminate the skulls while he gave his walking tour. 



Photoshoot with Misma by Sierra Rasberry

I had the pleasure of working with my dear friend Misma Cavallaro. She is a mother of two children and has worked hard to get the body she wants. Here's the proof!


We had a great time shooting with natural lighting along the beautiful Fort Lauderdale Beach and on Las Olas.